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The Housewives of No Marketable Skills County

Posted in free floating hostility with tags , , , , on June 2, 2010 by apexofanger

So I’ve come to realization that these “Real Housewives of Wher-ever-the-fuck” shows are the absolute prime example of the downfall of Western Civilization.  Every single woman depicted on these shows is a shallow, self-aggrandizing gold-digger who doesn’t have an ounce of talent or any marketable skills to speak of other than popping out babies and letting nannies raise them.  Every single one of these bitches has followed the same basic plan of attack –

  • Marry into Money
  • Divorce poor schlub with money and take 50% of his net worth,  plus alimony and whatever else her grubby botox mitts can snag including houses, cars, boats etc
  • Marry into more money
  • Produce wretched, self-centered, generally vile acting offspring with a sense of entitlement Marie Antoinette can’t compete with
  • Repeat Step 2 if more money is needed to spend on moronic business ventures and/or shitty acting/singing careers

Miraculously no matter where the show is set (Orange County, New Jersey, Atlanta, New York) all of the women featured seem to have mastered this truly ingenious scheme. Below is only one stunningly embarrassing way these leeches spend the money they’ve sucked-fucked-divorced into.



PRO-TIP:  MONEY ALSO CANNOT BUY YOU A VOICE YOU SHALLOW TALENTLESS CUNT (also I hope standing next to all that expensive musical equipment that STILL CAN’T MAKE your awful excuse for a singing voice sound better, irradiates your uterus and renders you barren so can’t infect the world with anymore of your lineage)

She sounds like two cats fucking in an alley who get broken up by one of them slipping ass first into a blender. It’s truly fucking horrible. AND WHO THE FUCK IS THAT PRODOUCHER?!?! Later in the clip he exclaims how awesome she sounds and then without missing a fucking ass-kissing breath as he no doubt rakes in several hundred dollars of her ‘hard earned’ cash unbelievably compares her..



Let that shit sink in for a second. Seriously that piece of shit is a walking, talking example of the AIDS in the music industry I bet he also praises Fallout Boy for not selling out and wants to intern for P-Diddy so he can really get a taste of what the industry is like. Hopefully this dickfuck catches a stray 9mm in the face whilst standing in front of the Virgin superstore in Times Square debating the finer points of Ashely Simpson’s vocal stylings.

I hope Madonna never sees that because I know if someone compared me to the Countess pictured above I’d want to suck on a buckshot milkshake real fucking fast.  Oh and yes you read that last sentence correctly. The caterwauling harpy in the above 15 seconds of pure aural torture goes by Countess.

THE COUNTESS OF WHAT BITCH??? You live in New York. This great magical land from which you hail as Countess must not be that awesome since you moved to fucking New York instead.  I like to imagine she hails from the far away Duchy of Leechcunt, where all Countesses learn the courtesan skills of spending other people’s money and talking shit about people she deems beneath her.

It is my sincere hope that after her thankless leech spawn have sucked at her golden tit well into their 40’s that they unceremoniously dump her dried up ass in the worst retirement home they can find. I hope she then gets the royal treatment she so deserves of eating oatmeal through a straw and shitting in an adult diaper for the remainder of her days.



Posted in work with tags , , , , , , , on May 7, 2009 by apexofanger

It’s an oft mentioned word. “Karma’s a Bitch”, you’ll hear people say all the time.  The boomerang effect of all the evil you do.  The problem though is it’s not very mindful of the need for vindication. See I badly need to be around when that asshole gets his. I want to be standing on the side of the street sipping slurpee when the gas truck overturns and pins the evil corporate fuck under it. I need to KNOW he burned alive for all the horrible shit he did to me and others. The few times i’ve made the effort to follow up on people I knew had a karma backlash aimed directly at their head I was pleasantly surprised.

Evil Highschool Skank? – Fat, hideous, plagued with health problems, leads meaningless existence – 10 years till karma payoff

Asshole, Alcoholic First Boss?- divorced, unemployed, crackhead- 6 years till karma payoff

White Trash Lead singer of 1st band?- Never could find a band to play with him again, laughing stock of home town, possible herpes, possible skin cancer- 6 years till karma payoff

Pretty good so far….but damnit if I haven’t had to wait for these things. Plus I then had to dredge up the memory of the injustices i’d suffered at the hands of these grade A human landfills. But this time….I really need Saturn to send this one back around quickly. This guy needs it. I imagine the universe has a bus sized enema ready and waiting for the right time for this asshole. To the leader who demands his team work 50,60,70 hours a week, but can be caught napping in his office regularly. To the greedy fat fuck who lays off people who haven’t worked for more than two weeks alongside people who worked 70 hour weeks for no overtime so his company could survive. To the simple minded child who lays these people off then spends thousands of company dollars on toys and non-sense. To you, you son of a bitch I say, KARMA IS COMING MOTHERFUCKER.

I just hope I’m on the sidelines the day she does show up to finally have her way with you. I hope i’m just lucky enough to be seated in a lawn chair sipping long islands and eating popcorn. And I hope she forgets to bring her lube.