Anareta – From the Greek, literally destroyer. Applied to a malefic that occupies an anaretic place and afflicts the Hyleg; believed by ancients to be life-destructive.

anaretic place the final degree (between 29° and 30°) of any sign, also called the degree of fate. Planets and house cusps that occupy anaretic degrees indicate fundamental issues with which one must deal.

It’s out there – your anareta; a counterweight to all your good luck, ever circling you like a vulture. 29° of misfortune waiting to fall from the heavens and spear you at the most inopportune moments. In reality your anareta isn’t really spiraling down from the reach of the galaxy to trip you up, it is in fact travelling with you all the time. It’s the voice in back of your skull telling you that you’re going to fuck up this interview, fail this test, or never make it as an author. All your personal demons wrapped in one little break-in-case-of-confidence glass case. Most (if not all) of us wage a constant tug-of-war with our anaretic degrees on a daily basis, always trapped in the back and forth of convincing ourselves of what we are capable of.

One of my own worst personal struggles in this vein was in fact the band I named after it. In hindsight maybe that wasn’t the best way to christen my musical venture; kind of like calling the Titanic the Big Sinky Death. At any rate it was an unending struggle against the anareta’s of 4 individuals, something that in the end proved too cumbersome to juggle, that eventually dragged it down. So yeah, sometimes.. those 29° win. But I say fuck that, I say we always stand defiant in the face of it.

Enough romance of the cockles…..here’s some vid of what was prolly our best outing, complete with the song 29°.




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