It’s an oft mentioned word. “Karma’s a Bitch”, you’ll hear people say all the time.  The boomerang effect of all the evil you do.  The problem though is it’s not very mindful of the need for vindication. See I badly need to be around when that asshole gets his. I want to be standing on the side of the street sipping slurpee when the gas truck overturns and pins the evil corporate fuck under it. I need to KNOW he burned alive for all the horrible shit he did to me and others. The few times i’ve made the effort to follow up on people I knew had a karma backlash aimed directly at their head I was pleasantly surprised.

Evil Highschool Skank? – Fat, hideous, plagued with health problems, leads meaningless existence – 10 years till karma payoff

Asshole, Alcoholic First Boss?- divorced, unemployed, crackhead- 6 years till karma payoff

White Trash Lead singer of 1st band?- Never could find a band to play with him again, laughing stock of home town, possible herpes, possible skin cancer- 6 years till karma payoff

Pretty good so far….but damnit if I haven’t had to wait for these things. Plus I then had to dredge up the memory of the injustices i’d suffered at the hands of these grade A human landfills. But this time….I really need Saturn to send this one back around quickly. This guy needs it. I imagine the universe has a bus sized enema ready and waiting for the right time for this asshole. To the leader who demands his team work 50,60,70 hours a week, but can be caught napping in his office regularly. To the greedy fat fuck who lays off people who haven’t worked for more than two weeks alongside people who worked 70 hour weeks for no overtime so his company could survive. To the simple minded child who lays these people off then spends thousands of company dollars on toys and non-sense. To you, you son of a bitch I say, KARMA IS COMING MOTHERFUCKER.

I just hope I’m on the sidelines the day she does show up to finally have her way with you. I hope i’m just lucky enough to be seated in a lawn chair sipping long islands and eating popcorn. And I hope she forgets to bring her lube.


One Response to “Karma”

  1. I have a formula for Karma when she comes for that fat fuck.

    Employee works 70 hours in one week + Axe + The Shining = Large amounts of country gravy spilled on the floor.

    Get to work Karma.

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